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If you enjoy gambling then you will like reading our magazine. Here you will get lots of interesting information about gambling. According to many people gambling is based on pure ‘luck’. But some strategies can increase your chance of winning.

Anybody can gamble but only some can gamble smartly.

We want people to know the tricks and techniques to play smartly in casinos. We have some professional gamblers on our team who write articles on strategies and tips to increase the chance of winning.

They also provide useful information about casinos to help gamblers choose the right games, the genuine sites for online gambling, and more.

You will learn about bonuses, jackpots and other benefits that casinos offer. We want to enrich our magazine with more useful content. That’s why we are inviting guest writers to write for us.

If you are a gambler or someone who has sound knowledge about it then you can write for us.


By writing for us you will be able to establish yourself as a good writer in this industry. You will get an opportunity to improve your portfolio and get more opportunities to write for other magazines or blogs.

You can earn some extra money by writing for us. If you show good performance over time, you can get the opportunity to join our team permanently.


To write for us you need to follow certain guidelines. Your article should be original and pass our Copyscape software. You should write about strategies and tips for different casino games.

The articles must be less than 800 words. You are also required to include relevant images with your article.

We encourage you to go through some of the articles in our magazine to get an idea of what we are looking for. Before you submit the article you should check for grammatical errors. If you write about any news or statistics you must mention the source of your information.

We will review your writing before deciding whether to publish your article or not. We may ask you to make some corrections if necessary. Once your article is accepted, it will be published in our magazine.

If you have further questions regarding the writing opportunity then please contact us.